Not long ago I learned a valuable lesson from watching my three year old  try and do a handstand.

Let me back this up a quick second and explain the background. My three year old Naomi, like most little girls, absolutely admires her older sister.  And because her older sister is a 5 year-old dancing queen Naomi is a dancing queen in the making.

Older sister does a leap, little sister does a leap.  Older sister does a handstand, little sister TRIES to do a handstand…and lands on her face.

I wince and wait for the tears to start flowing down her face, but they don’t come.  She stands back up and tries again.  And again. And again.

I sit here and watch her try handstand after handstand after handstand without a care in the world.  She just keeps going.

Then it dawns on me…

She. Doesn’t. Know. Failure.

Failure is a concept that is thrown upon us by society and usually accompanied by embarrassment, shame and then fear.  Fear to fail again.

I failed.

But…why is that so bad?

Why do we think it is soo bad to fail?  Why do we choose to NOT do something in case we FAIL?

Shouldn’t we want to fail?  Shouldn’t we want the experience of trying, failing…but learning what NOT TO DO NEXT TIME.

Pick yourself up off the floor and try that handstand again.  Or try for that promotion,  that weight loss or ______________ (you fill in the blank here).

So, go on.  Go out and fail.  Fail big time!



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