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This Booty Workout Will Have You Cryin’

Booty Workout For The Weekend This weekend we are hitting the booty..the base..the money-maker!  It doesn’t matter what you call it, the gluteus is a always a focus of any well crafted workout routine.  This weekend, incorporate this booty workout and feel the burn…baby…burn. Never miss a FREE workout again…sign up now!   * indicates […]

All In For August

There is an amazing thing that happens inside your body while in keto. When you lose weight on a ketogenic diet the ketone bodies help to reset your hunger hormones and will aid in preventing you from regaining the lost weight.  Yup…. you heard me right. But first, you’re here because you are interested in […]

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Keto Friendly Fried Chicken – WHAAAT?

Keto Friendly Fried Chicken One thing we don’t get often on the ketogenic diet is fried chicken.  Yum–my! However this recipes uses pork rinds instead of bread crumbs or flour so it stays keto friendly and well within your macro ranges! {watch video here or scroll below for recipe link}   And like any good […]