Alert: Boulder Shoulder’s Ahead

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Alert: Look Ahead As Boulder Shoulder’s Are In Your Future

I tell my female clients all the time, one of the amazing things about being a female is our ability to sculpt amazing shoulder’s.  Most women do not carry extra weight in their upper arms and collar-bone area so getting those shoulder’s to pop can be fairly easy.

A well crafted shoulder routine can sculpt your deltoids, aka shoulders, into a lean striated beautiful part of your upper body.  They will also create a beautiful hour glass figure that will make your waistline appear smaller as well…and who doesn’t want that?   Uhh, nobody!

This workout was designed for an online client, but was too good not to share…she doesn’t mind.  Right Natalie?  Haha

Perform each exercise, in the order it appears in the set for 4 sets, 8 reps each set.  At the end of the shoulder set, if you can do more reps than you should go up in weight and push those shoulders a little harder.


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Pro Tip: Your shoulders are actually made up of a network of 3 different shoulder, or deltoid, muscles.  Anterior (front), medial (midline) and posterior (rear) deltoids all work together to raise your hand above your head.  When working with y our arms up make sure to have your clients perform an internal rotation and bring their palms in to face their ears.  This eases as shoulder impingement pain and prohibits it from occurring while your working with your clients.

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