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So Here's The Deal With Brandi...

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1. I love love love coffee, top knots, false eyelashes and LuLu’s.

2. In reference to the above, if you know what I mean by “LuLu’s” and falsies then we need to be #besties.

3. I LOVE me some gangsta rap. PERIOD.

4. I sometimes throw a random Spanish word into my sentences, even tho I don’t speak Spanish and only know about 15 words. No idea why, it just feels good so I go with it.

5. I’ve had all 4 children au naturale. Once when I was knee-deep in labor with my 4th baby I casually mentioned to my husband that I may get an epidural. He look at me, kinda flipped his hand and said “Nah, gurrrl, you got this!” WTH?

6. Believe it or not, I am still married to above husband. LOL


Products and Programs

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Have a little too much fun lately and need a little "detox" to reset your system? The 3 Day Detox is perfect for you!


A better title would be The Sugar FREE Academy because this course is a MUST HAVE for every mom! In this video training course will learn how to gentle and permanently remove harmful sugars and processed foods from your dinner (and breakfast and lunch) table.


Reclaim Your Body! A ketogenic diet is a proven tool for kick-starting your natural fat burning system. In this program you will received 2 weeks worth of ketogenic meal plans, shopping lists and recipes. In the hour's worth of video training you will learn everything you need to know to get in, stay in and be successful in keto.
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Seriously rock my friend.  Thank you for doing this and your workouts always kick my trash!

Tamra Olsen
Tamra Olsen

Brandi is amazing...and I speak from experience. So much knowledge and positivity to share with all those who will just...take the leap!

Kristy Mowery
Kristy Mowery

Because of Brandi's help, my weight is coming off, I can see the difference and I feel better.

Tammie Jasperson
Tammie Jasperson

My eating habits were poor and I knew I needed some help, Brandi has been there to help me. It's been an amazing experience.

Trina McLaughlin
Trina McLaughlin

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